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Photo Gallery 2001

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egreen2.jpg (36780 bytes)

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flowershow.jpg (26490 bytes)

snowchurch.jpg (29448 bytes)

Daffodils on Denholm Green

Planting the Feuars Millenuim tree

Winners at the Flower Show

Bad weather!

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ejgr3.jpg (21252 bytes)

ejgr5.jpg (14220 bytes)

ejgr7.jpg (24085 bytes)

ejgr8.jpg (14063 bytes)

Photos from the Jimmie Guthrie memorial Run for vintage cars and motorcycles

ruberslaw2.jpg (31765 bytes)

leydens.jpg (26304 bytes)

teviot.jpg (26252 bytes)

Photos taken after the heavy snowfall in february 2001

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