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Photo Gallery 2004

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Three montage pictures from the 1st Denholm Folk Festival which ran from 5th - 7th November, a fantastic weekend which included a Ceilidh, workshops, open sessions in the pubs and concerts..

dffmon1.jpg (74787 bytes)

dffmon2.jpg (77414 bytes)

dffmon3.jpg (80590 bytes)

Carlenjig and the Gary Forrest Ceilidh Band Competition judges and winners, Muldoons Picnic. Wattie Robson. Blazin' Fiddles and Catriona McDonalds workshop

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November 5th,  Denholm Bonfire (before & after)

gbonfire2.jpg (38901 bytes)

gbonfire.jpg (86690 bytes)

October...  Leyden's Cottage is being completely rethatched...

leydens.jpg (50676 bytes)

leydens1.jpg (76538 bytes)

leydens2.jpg (51820 bytes)

leydens3.jpg (48393 bytes)

leydens4.jpg (54739 bytes)

leydens5.jpg (57206 bytes)

leydens7.jpg (66668 bytes)

leydens8.jpg (77921 bytes)

leydens6.jpg (72807 bytes)

Three tonnes, ten layers, of Tayside reeds has been used to rethatch the auld cottage. 
It is the first full re-thatch for 60 years!

A few photos from the Steve Hislop Tribute Run, Sunday 26th September, where bikers from all over the country met on Denholm Green before travelling to the Steve Hislop commemorative room at Drumlanrig Tower, Hawick.

hizzy4.jpg (73733 bytes)

hizzy1.jpg (68650 bytes)

hizzy3.jpg (63706 bytes)

hizzy2.jpg (61390 bytes)

hizzy5.jpg (70117 bytes)

Denholm Horticultural Society Annual Show
Denholm Village Hall Saturday 4th September 2004

e04fs1.jpg (71547 bytes)

e04fs2.jpg (57540 bytes)

e04fs9.jpg (69997 bytes)

Opened by the Hawick Provost Mrs Zandra Elliot

e04fs3.jpg (60920 bytes)

e04fs4.jpg (49707 bytes)

e04fs7.jpg (62662 bytes)

Some of the exhibits from the show

e04fs5.jpg (63149 bytes)

e04fs8.jpg (73237 bytes)

e04fs6.jpg (57445 bytes)

Five photos from the 43rd Jimmie Guthrie Run which took place on Sunday 20th June

vr1.jpg (59612 bytes)

vr2.jpg (70132 bytes)

vr3.jpg (75529 bytes)

vr4.jpg (54227 bytes)

vr5.jpg (82565 bytes)

The Jimmie Guthrie trophy was awarded to the 1928 AJS entered by Beamish Museum. The  England distance awards for the bikes went to a 1928 Scoot entered by R Brugham, Huddersfield and for the cars to Ian Graham from Durham and his 1930 Austin. The distance award from Scotland for bikes was won by a 1948 BSA belonging to R Clark of Dumfries with the car section being won by C Wybrew of Castle Douglas with his 1978 American Ford. 

Denholm Rideout - Saturday 5th June

dro7.jpg (73376 bytes)

dro8.jpg (66873 bytes)

dro9.jpg (80329 bytes)

dro10.jpg (70197 bytes)

The horses and riders descend Ruberslaw

dro16.jpg (94594 bytes)

dro1.jpg (58002 bytes)

dro11.jpg (70408 bytes)

dro12.jpg (77199 bytes)

The Cornet and his supporters arrive in the village

dro2.jpg (60294 bytes)

dro3.jpg (59971 bytes)

dro4.jpg (58732 bytes)

dro5.jpg (65420 bytes)

Irona Lothian presents the Cornet and his Lass with a beautiful engraved glass ornament to commemorate his ride to Denholm and Feuars Chairman, Stuart Beck, presents one to the Acting Father and Mother.

dro6.jpg (68883 bytes)

dro13.jpg (49689 bytes)

dro14.jpg (59641 bytes)

dro15.jpg (56642 bytes)

Time to head back to Hawick!


ba.jpg (58637 bytes)

ba1.jpg (64200 bytes)

ba2.jpg (55629 bytes)

ba3.jpg (64123 bytes)

Photos from the Denholm Ba'

crossbase.jpg (71717 bytes)

topmon.jpg (45748 bytes)

The base of the auld mercat cross Leydens Monument

nightxkeys.jpg (68137 bytes)

snowvillage.jpg (66811 bytes)

The Auld Cross Keys Inn

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