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Photo Gallery 2005

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Boxing Day Hunt on the Green..

Saturday 1st October and hundreds of motorbikes make their way through the village
heading to the unveiling of the Steve Hislop statue in Wilton Park, Hawick.

A few photos from the Flower Show, Saturday 3rd September


Hot air balloon passes over the village, 23rd July, 2005

Photos taken from Denholm bridge before the balloon landed at Honeyburn.


Photos of Denholm Green - July 05

Photos from the 44th Jimmie Guthrie Memorial Run, held on the Green on Sunday 19th June

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There were 148 entries!

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vr20059.jpg (60776 bytes)

The Jimmie Guthrie Memorial Cup for pre-1938 motorcycles went to R Sabey (1937 Velo), the Feuars Shield for best car went to I. Branban from Lockerbie (1926 Peugeot), the distance award from England, motorcycle class, went to R. Brougham, Huddersfield (1959 Matchless) and the car class to W. MacDonald, Alston (1972 MGB). The distance award from Scotland, motorcycle class, went to R. Clark, Thornhill (1956 Velo) and the car class to L. Livie, Dunbar (1964 Morris). Awards were presented by Margaret Hislop.

[Photos by Linda Ainslie - thank you]

I. Branban and his 1926 Peugeot, winner of the Feuars Sheild.


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dr6.jpg (50662 bytes)

A few photos from Denholm Rideout, Saturday 4th June. Unfortunately the weather wasn't very good and the heavens opened as the Cornet rode into the village.

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dr2.jpg (49458 bytes)

dr4.jpg (54895 bytes)

dr10.jpg (65355 bytes)

Thankfully the weather improved and by the time the Cornet and his followers left the village the sun was out!

febsnow.jpg (56241 bytes)

febsnow2.jpg (71725 bytes)

febsnow3.jpg (51226 bytes)

Feb 23rd and the snow causes havoc for drivers but fun for the kids!

Denholm Hand Ba' Monday 21st February

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ba2.jpg (72884 bytes)

ba3.jpg (73635 bytes)

ba4.jpg (68585 bytes)

The first Ba' of the day, hailed by Alan Ainslie, was won by Lee Notman
PHOTOS by Linda Ainslie

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