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Photo Gallery 2008

With the occasional photograph and photo galleries,
just click the link to open the gallery..

New Denholm Primary School photo updates here..

December 08: Gallery of Photographs of the Jed Forest Hunt on the village green on Boxing Day can be viewed here..

November 08: Winter is well and truly here and although extremely cold the hoar frost on Sunday 2nd November certainly looked very picturesque..

More photographs can be seen here in a gallery of photos by Alan Farquhar of Edinburgh.

October 2008:

The new 3 million Denholm Primary School opened it's doors to the public on 21st October when villagers, parents and many others were allowed inside to have a look around. This is the first of the new generation of modern schools and certainly made an impact to those walking round.

the approach to the new school

The school opened for business and the childrens return on Wednesday 22nd October under the new headship of Mrs Avril Gibson. We wish Mrs Gibson and her staff all the very best for the future!

A gallery of photos from the day can be viewed here..

June 15th: The 47th Annual Jimmie Guthrie Memorial Run for vintage cars and motorcycles. More photos in a gallery here..

May 31st: Denholm Rideout.
It was a beautiful day for the Rideout to Denholm which saw over two hundred riders follow the Cornet to the village.. 

Click here for the Denholm Rideout Gallery 2008

Cornet Ben Graham and his right and left hand men

Denholm Primary School April 2008..

February 18th: Denholm village Hand Ba'
Local resident Linda Ainslie has her copy of 'Uppies & Downies' signed by the Author Hugh Hornby who attended this years event on the village green.
A gallery of this years Ba' can be viewed here..

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