The Text House


Originally being the same height as it's neighbouring properties on the Main street in 1910 it was pulled down and rebuilt by Dr John Haddon with text on the front inspired by similar ones on a house and Hawick.

"All was others: all will be others"

"Tak tent in time, ere time be tint" 

Dr John Haddon was a good medical practitioner and he was philanthropic enough to buy up several house's in the village and leave them in trust to be let, rent-free, to elderly people who had been born in Denholm.

The Text House was designed and commissioned by Dr John Haddon. The house, in its present form, was constructed around 1910 in the arts and craft style. The local authority has designated the property as a B listed building.


The previous building was a single storey structure similar to others in the main street today. As was the practise at the time the Doctor consulted from home and took in patients in need of care. The passageway to the east side was, in the early 1900's, an access to a stable block to the rear of what is now Murray's house, next door.


The design feature most recognisable on the house is the text attached to the front elevation. Many visitors to the village stop and wonder as to the meaning of the text. The first reminds the reader to take care with time or it will pass by quickly and the second reminds the occupier that people lived in the house before them and will continue after they leave.