The Monument


This impressive structure occupies a very prominent position in the centre of the village green.

Erected 50 years after his death and paid for by public subscription this monument commemorates the life of Dr John Leyden.

John Leyden (1775-1811) was a native of Denholm and was an antiquarian, physician and poet.


It also commemorates his descendant John Lamb Leyden (1904-1988) who was a 'traveller and kindred spirit'.

Time taken, from initial proposal, to erect the memorial, to completion with all bills settled was 3 years.

Sadly, the architect who designed the Monument, Mr Hector Heatley Orrock of Edinburgh, died in 1862 and never saw it's completion.

The Inauguration
of the Leyden Monument 

(A pamphlet to download)


The Mercat Cross

This was a small stone cross on a low octagonal base. It stood at the centre of the Green until in the middle of the 19th century when the feuars converted it into a water trough for the cows by taking down the cross and hollowing out the base.


Sadly all that remains is part of the base which can be seen inside the railings surrounding the Leyden Monument.